Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fare thee well, vacation....

Tonight is my last night here at the resort. I feel bad for the people who came to this particular ski resort to ski, because... well, you can't very well ski with no snow.

We could swim at the pool here. If I was much of a swimmer at all, I would have been in there like a dirty shirt. As it stands now, I actually resemble a drowning rat more than a human swimming when I've been immersed in water. But I did make it down one day to splash with The Princess and Big Brother while they were here one day.

While here, we discovered that a figure skater I am not. By the time we made it for our third ski, I managed to avoid skating around the rink on my face, and I only tripped over my new girl skates once. I look like an utter fool on the ice. Picture sixty five four year olds skating circles around me, and then me: clinging to the boards for dear life, wincing in agony.

The condo was lovely. It has a gas fireplace, and while my father prefers to light his own fire hiw own way, it was nice to be able to turn it on with the flick of a switch. There are huge bay windows which look out onto Georgian Bay. I find water nerve-wracking, as once I'm in it, my death becomes suddenly very imminent. However, it was nice to look at from the safety of the condo windows.

I got to spend a few days bonding with the lovely Princess. She has grown so much, and has started making some sounds that resemble words. At one point, I'm sure I heard her say "Potato". But my sister in law thinks that unlikely. They just chalked it up to my being insane. Hmph.

Here are a few other pictures of our vacation week. Enjoy!

SuperNan cooking up a storm

SuperDad, Chillaxin' like it's his job.

The Princess, discovering how gorgeous she really

is in a full length mirror

Don't take pictures of me sleeping. Because you won't see me.

The Princess, Standing on her head.

My Dad, Showing off a fish he 'Obtained'

Hope everyone has a great weekend! This is it, then it's back to the big city for me. My LAST semester of school! *Cheer!*



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Looks like a great vacation!

Love the pics :)

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