Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pics of my underpants....

It is in this post that I will show the world my attempt to boycott any and all clothing that is remotely fashionable, and foray into my new wardrobe of men's boxer shorts, jogging pants, and hoodies.

I crave comfy clothes. As a result, I went shopping today with one of my favorite shopping buddies.

The result?

Jogging pants and hoodies! And boxers! Really, I'm so thrilled with my purchases that I may not actually remove them from my body until June, and that's only because the Berry Queen would refuse to have me work on her farm dressed in such a way. I actually bought three pants, three boxers, and two hoodies, but I'm wearing one set as I type and I must say, I feel great. I'm cozy, and warm. They are not clinging to my backfat, or constricting me in any way.

They are perfect.

And so, the world keeps spinning and I am warm and cozy in my new clothes. I have a social gathering of sorts to go to on Saturday, and I'm wondering: Can you wear this to a house party?

I really don't see any reason why not!



Anonymous bigman78 said...

What? You're not modelling these fashions for us? What's up with that!

1:58 p.m.  

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