Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's a Baby!!

A wonderful, tiny, cute, six pound nine ounce baby!

Induced by Castor Oil! Hurrah Castor Oil!

The events leading up to my meeting of the baby were like some wild and crazy adventure. Except that I think for Davey it was a bit wilder and crazier, what with the pink room we slept in and the many small children leaping on him in the morning.

The good think about the Berry Babies is that they've known me long enough to not try and touch me, or be in my general vicinity, early in the morning. I hope to one day have my own children so well trained.

Davey came to get me at around ten at night, and we made it to BerryLand by eleven.

Berry Baby the Fifth was born just after eleven ... or perhaps just before? But it was no avail because the oh-so-wonderful doctors at the hospital gave the Berry Queen lots of nice medicine that made her like Sleepy from the Seven Dwarfs. Only taller. And prettier. And with more children.

Davey and I were now faced by a dilemma: Stay the night, or turn around and go back to the city without seeing the Berry Baby? The thought of leaving crushed me, but the thought of making Davey sleep in a strange house was also disconcerting because not everyone is comfortable with that kind of thing.

Berry King came home from the hospital and announced the arrival of the baby and his lovely wife's ensuing unconsciousness. We chatted about the horrors of modern day small animal vets (Fifteen hundred dollars for a bout with feline leukemia for a barn cat? Sorry Dude, but we're farmers. We have a much more reliable 'cure' for diseases like these). We discussed screwing up on stage and ways to get around it. We discussed how good the Berry Queen is at having babies.

And then the Berry King said we can discuss sleeping arrangements.

Now I don't know how well you know me, or if you even know me at all... But I'm not smooth at all and I usually say things that make most people fairly uncomfortable.

So, me, in my ultimate smoothness, said to the Berry King "Oh, no worries! Dave and I can sleep in the pink room! We sleep together all the time. I mean, usually we're loaded because we've been partying... but this is fine! Good night!"

Slightly stunned, the Berry King wished us a good night.

In the morning we awoke to the smell of coffee and the squeals of the other Berry Babies.

And then we got to go to the hospital.

And meet Berry Baby the Fifth.

She is perfect and wonderful. She was wearing one of those little hats that they put on babies and she has a little smudge of blonde hair on her tiny little head. (I commented on how tiny her head was and the Berry Queen had nothing but good things to say about that. I suppose she has a point.)

Then I couldn't get the hat back on her because she is just so new and breakable! I held her and rocked her and she just slept and slept and yawned. At one point she even sneezed on me.


Who would have evern thought that falling in love could be so easy?

Congrats to the Berry Family!



Blogger NursePam said...

Awwwww! Welcome to the world new little Berry Baby :o)

10:18 a.m.  
Anonymous bigman78 said...

Good times were had by all... I got to sleep in my car, got to be awakened by a man I had never met before ... telling me I couldn't sleep in my car... find out I was spending the night... get to hear Amanda say, "Oh, no worries, Dave can sleep with me, we sleep together all the time, but we're usually drunk" AND get to see the Berry King's reaction to such statement...

7:04 p.m.  

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