Thursday, August 17, 2006

A letter to my beloved boss.....

Dear Berry Queen.

I got my first paycheck today since coming back to the city.

So I say this:

My job in the city is not nearly as fulfilling as my job at your berry ranch and my bosses here never make sure there is a cold beer in the fridge at the end of the day.

On my first day back at the SubShack, a customer threw fast food at me. At least when customers at the berry farm throw things, I have a largely pregnant, swollen-footed mother of four to laugh it off with. (Or, in most cases, cry it off with).

Working at the berry farm is also highly rewarding financially. I get paid at the end of every day and I get to watch the stack of money add up. I got paid for a week's worth of work today and it was the same amount of money I would have made working two weekdays and one weekend day at the berry farm. This disheartened me to no end and, in fact, reduced me to tears in the back room.

Only because it's the SubShack and not the Berry Ranch, there was no one standing by to hand me some ciggies and an Ice Cole Coca-Cola and hives cream. Which disheartened me even further.

Nor was there anyone standing by waiting to take me out for an Ice Cap at the end of ANY of the days I worked. Not a single one of the days that I worked this week (Which has been all of them, for those of you who are counting) ended with nice people bringing me fattening beverages in environmentally-unfriendly packaging. Did you hear me?? I said not one.

Berry Queen, I write to you now not in an effort to depress you with news of my pathetic life. I write to you tell you that you are, bar none, the best employer that anyone could hope for in this life. Not only does getting paid working for you leave me with a feeling of satisfaction, I actually get enough money to pay for things at the end of the season.

I wish every part of the year was a part that had berries in it. As much as I hate fruit, I can honestly say that I miss nothing more right now than having a job that pays and comes with the benefit of spending my time with you.

With much love and anticipation of next season,



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