Friday, August 04, 2006

Hotdogs for everyone!

It's time to celebrate!


All beef ones!!


I have TWO jobs!


Break out the Buck-A-Beer, because life is worth living!!

I can afford to eat! (Well, I can afford to eat after my first paychecks come in. Which means I won't be eating for a while... but still, eating in the future is better than never eating at all).

Like all good things, this good thing can be attributed to Davey and his infinite genius. He is the one who suggested that perhaps, just maybe, calling up the SubShack wouldn't be a bad idea since no one was calling me last week, and then I could have two jobs if someone did call me. I'm not sure if he said it out of genius, or because he's dreading the day I call him and say "Yo, good buddy: I'm broke. Can you drive in with five hundred bucks and a side of beef?"

Which, of course, he would do. But it would make me feel bad.

Until I sunk my teeth into a side of beef.

At any rate, I start my training on Tuesday. I need to wear dark pants and a light shirt.


As if I own either.

There is a shadow behind every cloud, I suppose.



Anonymous Jummy said...


I hope the discount is RAD because I already have a list of things I want!

3:00 p.m.  

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