Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm back!

This is me, reporting to you from the big city!

So far life in the big city hasn't been treating me so badly. I tried greeting my neighbor as he came out of his apartment the other day and he hissed at me. Yes. I got hissed at. The same way that a cat would hiss at someone.


So, that was my welcome back to the big city.

In other news, my job search has begun. I've handed out resumes to twelve places today. I plan on handing out a bunch more tomorrow, and then waiting by the phone.

I hate job searching. There is nothing worse than pretending to be excited about finding some crap job, feigning interest in customer service, and pretending that you actually like people.

However, I did find four places to work that would be great for me: Hotels! I applied at four hotels today thinking that if I could clean rooms I would be in seventh heaven. Imagine. Me, alone! Cleaning! Me, of the OCD, alone, vaccumming, scrubbing, making beds... could anything be better?

I wonder if hotel people get paid better than minimum wage?

In other news, I had a date yesterday. Well, it was sort of a date.

Ok, it wasn't a date at all, but I did meet an interesting young man downtown for an hour and it was quite nice.

At this point, I'm pretty sure it will go nowhere.

But I have to say one thing: He's tall. He drives a pickup truck. He's a construction manager and he knows how to shoot a gun.

That was more than one thing.

(And yes, the qualities I'm looking for in a guy for me to date include "Ability to shoot a gun". I'm not sure if I'm hicked out to the core, or if I have some kind of death wish, but either way, that's what I'm looking for.)

And you know, I've always had this vision of what the person I date should look like. And in my lifetime, I've yet to find and date that person. Everyone I date is short, dark, squat, block-headed, and neckless. Big Brother pointed that out to me years ago and I can't help the fact that it's true.

And you know, I'm not going to date this characer simply because he is fair haired and lightly complected, or because he's tall and slim and has a neck, or because he drives a pickup truck.

That would be shallow.

But there is no law that states that I can't imagine what it would be like to date this character; or how well he would fit in at my kitchen table; or what it would be like to go out with someone who doesn't drive a stupid little four cylinder car that comes from somewhere not in North America.

In other news, Coperni-kitty is still at the Ranch. Lucky Frickin' Cat. See, when SuperNan drove me in on Monday, we had a lot of shopping to do. We had to stop at the gunshop, check out some dinner, and head over to Costco to pick up mass quantities of everything. It was a warm day on Monday and I was imagining me getting back to the city explaining the demise of my cat. That she had died of heat stress in the car while I stocked up on jumbo all purpose cleansing wipes and shotgun shells.

And I thought, that would make a lot of people unhappy.

So I left her behind so that we could shop in peace. SuperNan is planning on bringing her, my 19" television, and my new chair to the city sometime before Christmas.

I hope.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! You have been busy.A hotel sounds like a cool idea.My SO and DS are off at the gun store again today. They are buying me a new trap so we can practice with the you-know-what. I love being a hick.

5:52 p.m.  
Anonymous bigman78 said...

Hmm, I wonder... do I have a neck...

7:03 a.m.  

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