Friday, July 28, 2006

I will say this...

I would love to blog about the experiences I've had on this lovely day.

However, I simply can't. I have to protect the innocent.

Those of you in my real life will have to wait until the next wild party to hear the horror of horrors that happened to me today. Those of you not in my real life will simply have to suffer.

I will, however, say this:

I like knitting. I've been known to crochet a cat toy or two in my day. Hell, one time I left a raging party to go home, read Anne of Green Gables, and crochet my cat a toy.

If any of you would ever like to knit me something? Please do. I love knitted articles. Especially ones in cool designs, with that really nice, soft wool. Knitting rocks my world.


If you're ever going to go on a date with me?

On a date that I fixed my hair and did my makeup for?


That is all.



Blogger Siuan said...

Have you see Grey's Anatomy? In it some of them give up sex and take up knitting to remain celebate! Just a thought! LOL!

1:21 p.m.  

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