Friday, June 09, 2006

To my dearest Blog....

Dear Blog,

It seems that I have been sort of neglecting you of late. You have my sincerest of apologies; I feel that some explanation is due.

It seems that I have been feeling not quite as chipper as my usual self lately. I'm not sure what it is. It's just one of those things, where you spiral into a pit of pity and self-loathing and you just sort of sit there like a lump. And you know that one day you'll get off your sorry butt and move on with your life; however, for the time being, you need to be a lump. And sometimes a little lumpiness is ok. As long as it's not lumpiness on your hips.

As you know, Dear Blog, SuperNan has recently purchased herself a digicam. I have been diligently taking pictures since its arrival at the Ranch; unfortunately, those of us in the middle of nowhere have dialup internet access. This has been the bain of our existence lately, as it takes as long as ten minutes, and occasionally fifteen, to put a single picture up on your pages.

A more ambitious person would get off her but and do some crunches during these waiting periods. However, as I am at the ranch lately, if I were to do that on the computer room floor I would inevitably be trampled by small children, a number of animals, and possibly be swarmed by killer bees. My father would surely walk by and trip over my flailing limbs (As only I can do crunches with limbs flailing) and somebody would end up dead.

None of us want to see that happen.

Tomorrow I head back to the city to work another two shifts in the hellish Sub-Shack. I can not work up the ambition lately to care about my job even a little bit. If my boss called me this minute and fired me, a dozen roses for him and a magnum of Chardonnay for me would not be out of line. Except that I'd have to put it on my Visa.

The Berry Queen called me this afternoon to inform me that the strawberry season would be coming early. This means, Dear Blog, that I'll have to neglect you further as spending twelve hours per day in the blistering sun and then another two hours per night singing and playing guitars with my trusty partners-in-music-creation will likely take away from the quality time that I'll be able to spend in front of my trusty computer.

Hopefully, my trusty Blog, I'll be able to put some pics on you in the days before I leave the comfort of the Ranch for the familiar confines of the Berry Cave.

In the meantime, patience is a virtue.

Your ever-faithful author,



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