Monday, August 30, 2010

Who said technology isn't wonderful?

I am sitting out under the stars after a wonderful evening with family and friends.

Typing from my iPhone!

It is a bright, quiet night in CowTown. The stars are out and the moon is directly above me. I can hear Trooper in the barn, bashing his head against his grain bucket and hoping fruitlessly that more grain will appear. I assure you that I am not about to leave my post at the picnic table and bring him more grain. But the sound of him bumping around is soothing in an odd way.

The pool pump is running and the crickets are chirping all around me. I think I just heard Tia kick in disgust at Trooper's rumbling.

We had such a wonderful day and night here at The Ranch. Everything about it was perfect.

It was one of those days that makes you think, This is exactly how my life should be.



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