Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Road Trip; Part II

We fuelled up on caffiene and, well, fuel, and headed on our way. First big thang was Montreal, where I have never driven before and where there are bridges big enough to give me panic attacks for years to come. We got turned around once and were on our way within ten minutes.

Except that we were tired. Sleepy. Drowsy.

I slept for two hours and then took over the wheel as Mal slept for a couple hours. This would be my only time driving on our trip, and that too was fine.

Quebec wasn't that interesting to travel through. Although i have to say, the people there were lovely, making an effort to speak to me in English when they realized how terribly awful my French actually is. We stocked up on some Sangria here, thinking we would have a wild night at the hotel, living it up like it was our job.

I got very few photos on this leg of the journey, mostly because I was sleeping or trying to stay awake. One delightful tidbit I did get was this:

There are some oddly named places in this country of ours. This one is St. Louis Du Ha! Ha! Others I discovered along the way are Ecum Secum (Novia Scotia. I laughed at this one for approximately the entire time we were on vacation), Dildo, South Dildo, Gayside, and a number of other interestingly named locations.

We drove for over twelve hours that day. By the time we made it to our hotel room, we were more tired than when we started out. We were wondering if perhaps there was an odor about us, and so delirious we had trouble ordering food.

We only made it hald way through the first bottle each of Sangria. It reminded us of being much, much younger than we currently are. We then headed off to slumber in the glorious pillows that the oh-so-luxurious hotel had provided us with.

We woke up the next day, stocked up on coffee and gas, and headed out again.



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