Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Have Never Been Happier to Make Second Place...

So, the job I interviewed called me tonight and made my heart stop a little bit before I was told that I didn't get it.

I was then debriefed on my interview, which I appreciated to no end because the questions are all fairly standard and I really feel that next time, I'll be ready to knock some socks off.

At the end of our nearly half-hour phone call, the woman said "Now, I don't know if you want to hear this next part or not." I laughed politely and said that of course I would love to hear the next part. (In my mind, however, I was wondering wildly if I had something sticking in my teeth or was emanating a noxious odor and perhaps she was going to tell me that I smelled like Beagle that had rolled in something that had died a number of months ago).

But no. She told me that she had interviewed eight people and that my scores left me second in line to get the position.

Second! Second out of eight!

I'm actually happy with this news because A) it means that I'm not a blathering idiot who no one will ever take seriously and B) IT MEANS I AM ON MY WAY.

In other news, I have now done three consecutive days at a school that I like very, very much. Like, I really look forward to going in every day, I've been welcomed with open arms by the other staff, and I feel like I have really found my element with the special needs students there.

At the end of my second day, the section head took me aside and told me that a position would be opening up on Monday, he had heard good things about me since I started, and urged me to apply for the position.

I just really feel right now that at least something is going right in my life. I may still be the single, beagle-cuddling poor person who lives in a Clifford-clad bedroom, BUT HEY. Someone thinks I'm good at something and right now, I'm going to take all the ego-stroking I can get.

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