Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Mail People:

I am currently enrolled in distance education so that I can up my degree and hopefully one day get a Master's. Mail is a big part of distance courses. Like, they send you your stuff in the mail. And when you're expecting stuff in the mail, you check the mail and expect your parcels to NOT GET LOST IN THE MAIL.

And then, when your parcels do get LOST IN THE MAIL, you feel anger and rage and you want to go around having a mammoth temper tantrum because your shit has been LOST IN THE MAIL.

And when you try to contact someone about your stuff that is LOST IN THE MAIL, it would be nice to be able to talk to someone about the specific things that have been LOST IN THE MAIL. Except that this doesn't often happen in CowTown, and we are very small, and there is no specific department devoted to important educational materials that have been LOST IN THE MAIL.

Please, please Dear Mail People, find the things that have been LOST IN THE MAIL so that I can finish my course and not have to beg for an extension.

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