Saturday, February 28, 2009

Easy, There, Seabiscuit...

This is the post in which Joomy does not become an aunt once more.

The saga of this pony continues. We have come to realize that the pony is not actually a pony, it is a small horse. And he is not actually a he, he is a she. And she may well be in foal (pregnant) although we do not know how far along.

Further, she costs twenty five hundred dollars.

I do not have the facility to house a foal. Nor do I have twenty five hundred dollars at my disposal.

I had fun dreaming, though. And my parents tell me that all is not lost. The man who currently has the small horse knows where I live, he knows what my offer on the small horse is, and knows that my heart is dead set on having her in my posession. Maybe the phone will ring in the next week or two, maybe it won't.

In the meantime:

The names I picked out for the not-pony that is not mine are:

Painted Premier (Rena for short)

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump (Skipper for short)

Star of Wonder (Wonder for short; although my mother thinks this name is blasphemous as it is the title of a religious Christmas song. I just liked it because I would always wonder about the history of this petite mare, and she would possibly be a star. Sigh.)

And finally:

Know When To Hold 'Em (Emily for short; although the full name sounds quite like a boy's name. 'Know When To Fold 'Em' Just doesn't sound right for a horse you want to succeed.)

I never set out looking for this horse, just like I never set out to look for Zydo. You sometimes just meet the one for you, and when I met this horse I felt that way. I thought it would be a fun investment, a good project, and a possibility for me to try out my riding prowess (or lack thereof) on someone new.

And so, I'm not shopping for a new horse. I happened upon a lovely young mare and thought for a few days that she could be mine.

I visited Zydeco in his stall tonight and he knew that I had been mentally cheating on him. He could smell the different horse names swirling around in my head, he could sense the sadness that this horse is not mine on me. And so he pinned his ears, twirled his butt towards me, and ate his hay as though I was not there.

Zydo is my one true horse. If another happens along the way, I'll accept it, but I am not entirely heartbroken that this new horse was not meant to be.

I'm just a little sad.

And I'm also constantly thinking up new horse names.

Perhaps the next one.

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Anonymous Jummy said...

Oh, well thanks for keeping me posted. I'll put a halt to my Auntie of Two tshirt then.

1:25 a.m.  

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