Monday, February 16, 2009

Fare Thee Well, Darq Lucretia...

Tia left the premises of The Ranch here early this morning in search of her one true love.

My father saddled her up early today and brought her over to a neighbor's farm, where we are hoping that his studly horse will woo her with gifts of carrots and fine clover, and that the results of this wooing are a fine Arabian Canadian cross baby.

Yeppers, Tia is going to get knocked up. All subsequent blog entries from here on in will be recounting Tia's progress, her morning sickness, swollen ankles, tired and cranky moods...

Zydeco is somewhat upset that his trusty stallmate has departed. I went down to clean him out this morning and he was pacing back and forth in his stall, looking worriedly out the door, hoping that she would return at any moment.

He was quite distressed, to the point that I said "If you don't stop being such a dillhole, I am going to smack you! Yes. I just said the words 'smack' and 'you' in the same sentence." He straightened up immediately. Of course, Zydo doesn't know what it is like to be smacked by me, seeing as I have never had the heart to smack the old boy thus far. But he had pushed my patience as I was trying to shovel out manure from under his pacing hooves.

And I could see the upset-ness in Zydo's face as he looked sadly at the empty stall across from him. It was like he was weeping after a bad breakup, and saying "But who is going to BITE MY FACE now that she is GONE?!?"

He currently has a gauge on his nose left there by one of his grumpy stablemates. I'm not sure who it was, but since Tia has the most open access to his face in the barn, I'm blaming her.

I think it is rather sweet that despite each of their idiosyncracies, Zydo and Tia have become such a pair. I'm sad for my boy now that his girl has left him, if only for the week.

I just hope he calms down so that future stall cleanings can be less of a dancing fest and more of a cleaning fest.

No need to draw out the act of forking shit, that's for sure.

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