Saturday, November 15, 2008

So Proud of Me....

I had an experience tonight that I have never had before this day.

I went to a nightclub.

Wait, that's a lie. I have gone to nightclubs before. There was a huge difference between this time and every other time, however, and I wish to share it with you now.

This time, I was in a nightclub and I was not completely fricken' hammered.

That's right.

In a state of complete and total sobriety, I walked into a club and then proceeded to make my way to the dance floor.

The first time another person, a member of a party I did not walk in with, entered my personal space? I will not lie.

I hid behind my dearest best friends, T and Mal. The person who had entered my personal space then looked at me as though I was deranged and stalked haughtily away. I live for the day that I find myself in a position that I may stalk haughtily away.


It was an entirely new experience for me, one that I am glad I have had. I got to experience the drama of the bar scene. I witnessed two near fights between people who were clearly ridiculously hammered. I witnessed complete strangers making out with each other with such fervor that certainly the ceilings should have collapsed. I saw drunk people engaging in dance moves that should not be attempted by anyone other than trained professionals. I cabbed home -- to Mal's home, that is-- and had actual coherent conversation with the cab driver on the way there.

There were times in the past when I thought that it was simply impossible to enter a place of such loud music, of so many people, of so many sights and sounds and sensations without the effects of sincere inebriation.

And now I know that those thoughts were simply misguided.

I only needed to try it once, and many years later, to realize that it was entirely possible all these years.

Who would have thought?



Blogger David said...

good for you! Nightclubs are intimidating at the best of times. One of these days, I plan to experience it hammered out of my skull, but not yet. Next time, DON'T HIDE BEHIND YOUR FRIENDS when someone comes over.

7:41 p.m.  

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