Thursday, October 30, 2008

The One I Forgot To Mention...

Zydeco has returned home to us here at The Ranch. You'll notice, in the picture above, how the trailer appears to be carrying two horses.

The Thoroughbreds around here are multiplying.

My mother purchased a horse on September the twenty first. His name is Summer Game, and he is a lovely, button-nosed dark bay Thoroughbred. He spent five years of his life racing, another two jumping, and now he is going to learn the fine art of dressage. Come Hell or high water, that damn horse is going to put his nose down.

But first he must befriend Tia.

Summer spent the first month being owned by SuperNan living at my coach's stable with Zydo. There they had a grand time, both of them having the crap beaten out of them by that dastardly Chestnut Trakheiner named Stetson. Apparently trauma can cause two horses to come together, and Zydo and Summer seem to have a strong, well functioning relationship thus far.

Summer's introduction to life here at The Ranch consisted of walking into the barn, looking amicably at Tia, and being greeted in return by her up on her haunches, screaming at the top of her lungs and flailing with her front feet. Seeing as I, too, have recently come to know contact with Tia's dainty hooves, I must say that I commiserate.

Watching the order of horses at pasture is quite entertaining. Horses choose who is the king of the castle, and who takes a beating depending on each of their personalities. Tia has decided that she will be the boss. She must have one gelded Thoroughbred on each side of her at all times, or hooves will fly. Neither may the Thoroughbreds communicate with each other at any time, lest there be fisticuffs -- Arabian style.

Life at The Ranch has been slightly more complicated (We now own twelve horse blankets, as opposed to just nine, for example) and we shall all ride the winter together on the backs of our fine steeds, or land sweetly in the snowbanks here in CowTown.

Time will tell.

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