Friday, October 17, 2008

Kicked! By A Horse!

My parents have left The Ranch to foray into the world of twin babies and over-exhuberant Chocolate labs. As such, my brother and I have been maintaining the care of Tia; everybody's favorite horse.

I've spoken here about Tia's craziness before, and this week has been no exception. She seems to have a love and a fondness for my father, which tears my heart up and makes me want to squeeze her because it is just so damn cute. However, it would be nice if others could care for her without risking life or limb.

Tia does this thing that is kind of hard to describe. It is like with every step she takes, an explosion goes off in her feet and she must not make contact with the ground at any point in time while one is leading her. Today she was cavorting and carrying on while I got her out of the barn and then BAM. She was off like a shot.

I managed to reel her in and continue our march (Our hopping spree? Our dancing fest?) across the yard. Unfortunately, the flag pole (or the wind, or a blade of grass, or her own shadow, or who knows? The voice of God?) made her freak out again. At this point she jumped, kicked me with a hind leg, and then reared high in the air. Of course, high in the air is a relative term here, as Tia is only a petite little mare.

I've found with Tia that quiet, gentle talking in a calm voice is the way to go; however, this morning?

Well, she HAD JUST FRIGGIN' KICKED ME. So my quietness, my gentleness, and calmness sort of left me for a moment as I hollered for her to stand up and act sane.

Oddly, this command seemed to have an effect for about three seconds as we made it the rest of the way to the pasture.

I'm sure the bruise is on it's way, but guess what else is on it's way?

My mother's Saturn Vue, with both my parents in it.




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