Monday, September 08, 2008

The Number One Thing...

I ran into a family friend the other day. We had just finished lunch with my Grandmother, and he was sitting at a booth near the exit.

My mother and I stopped to say Hello, and I got the odd, creepy feeling that he was checking me out. My right hand was in my pocket, and my left hand was holding the strap of my purse over my shoulder.

He was looking from my right hand to my left, and I was feeling very, very unnerved by the situation. I mean, the guy is the same age as my mother.

As it turns out, he was NOT checking me out. He was examining my hands for rings. He gave my left hand a final nod and stated: "Still not married yet, eh?"

WELL. For your information, NO. I am not MARRIED.

Nor have I even been on a date over the last six months.

I am the unmarried, dateless, boobless wonder, and I live with my parents, working a job that is sure to lead me nowhere and a student debt load I have no hope of paying off.


Ahhhh, life as a single person. How I love thee.

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