Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back At The Ranch...

We said our tearful good-byes to BerryLand yesterday afternoon and now here we are, back at the Ranch, safely home in CowTown.

Zydo managed to lose another of his shoes AND a brand new halter that was given as a gift from my neighbor. It was in the right color and was absolutely beautiful. I spent a number of hours today searching the pasture for these treasures, and I have to ask, have you ever spent hours walking back and forth in a pasture of grass up to your neck looking for a horse shoe? I suppose it might be a little bit like the proverbial needle in a hay stack, only with more bugs and poison parsnip. Or Crazy Tomato. Whatever you call it.

I also spent time working on creating a gate for the front porch. There is something odd about the house that we live in, other than the sloped ceilings and the hauntings: It seems to attract dogs. Yesterday we arrived home to four of the beasts arguing over bones and who got which spot to sit in.

My brother's dog is here for a week as well, and as much as I love that Chocolatey-sweet labrador, I have to say that her jumping is a little hard to take. She can hop around with all four of her feet off the ground, and uses this technique to body slam our kitchen door when she wants inside. The noise it creates in the kitchen is earth shattering, and when SuperNan went on a tirade in front of the neighbor today about the dogs on the door, we were both concerned for her health. Stress not the recovering cancer patient: that's my motto.

I decided to go outside and fashion a gate of sorts to keep the dogs off the porch. I use the term 'fashion' here instead of 'construct' or 'build' because my constructing skills are somewhat lacking. My neighbor came to the rescue, however,and it turned into a day long project that should be finished up tomorrow. Now we have a fully funtional gate made of chain link and two by fours, re-inforced with wire and hammered together by myself and a good friend while drinking a beer and discussing the ways of the world.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon, in all.

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