Monday, April 23, 2007

What a weekend!

Well, Dear Blog, I've been neglecting you as promised and I have to say that this weekend was one of the best I've had in... ages?

It started out on Friday with a dance-a-thon with my favorite Monkeys, during which time AN INDIVIDUAL WHO I WILL NOT CALL NAMES ON MY BLOG stole my hot astronaut. That's right. I had a hot astronaut in my vicinity, and he got stolen away.

But really, I have to say it was a wondrous time. I almost deafened Joomy with some hardcore shrieking and really, after all these years? She was surprised to find me shrieking under the influence of beers? Please.

I danced with Nora while at the club. The problem here is that she can actually dance and she doesn't even drink anything before she gets out on the dance floor. I can only do the country bop, which is incredibly uncool in the city, but my propensity for kicking people who make fun of my dancing in the shins usually deals with that quite nicely.

The guy who brought me the hot astronaut felt bad for not making said hot astronaut a little more aware of the circumstances (Those being that he was brought FOR ME AND ONLY ME AND DEAR GOD WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?) and since his girlfriend is away at college, he agreed to make out with me for the evening. He was a little terrified, I think, when I suggested that we make out to make up for his lack of forethought in the astronaut department, and that should explain the look of horror on his face.

Fortunately, my sights were soon turned to the business of drinking more beer, and I decided to forgo the thought of attracting any more men that night. Much to the relief of my mother, because I don't think she could handle the thought of me moving back under her roof and getting hives once more from the interesting characters I always end up bringing home.

At any rate, I must truly thank all my friends for coming out and making my last clubbing night with them in the city a great time.


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