Saturday, March 10, 2007

Drunken training.....

"Dude, what's that smell?"

"Huh? Pass me the Jack."

"No, Dude, there is totally a bad smell coming from this train. The Jack is gone."

"You drank all the Jack?!"

"I've no idea if I drank it all. I think you drank it all. You can't smell that smell?"

"We need pizza."

"Were in comfort class. They don't have pizza in comfort class."

"Next time we do this, we go first class or go home. I can't believe these people don't have pizza."

"The odor is driving me insane. When we stop in Toronto, let's grab a pitcher for lunch."

"Oh, God, a pitcher. Dude. That sounds so, so sweet."

"I can't believe you haven't noticed that smell yet. It's like a hideous mixture of ass, unwashed feet, stale cigarettes...."

"And day old Jack and diet no-name cola!"


"That smell is totally us."

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