Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh. My. WORD.

The sickness has attached itself to me and I don't think that eating all the garlic and vitamin C in the world is going to help me at this point. So I did what any sane and rational person would do and when I woke up this morning I ate a frozen dinner for breakfast because it claims to have iron in it and my God, what better way to start your day than by infusing your bloodstream with iron and MSG?

For supper last night I tried one of those home remedies and I have to say that it sucked ass for a variety of reasons, namely that it didn't work and that it tasted like burny goodness that is now taking over my whole body. I did the ol' "Eat Garlic until it starts eminating from your pores like bad gangsta music from the apartment with the two wierdos living above you"and I'm telling you now that it does not work. I am telling you now that as a result of having eaten this garlic, I smell terrible and there is this taste stuck in my mouth that no amount of gargling with gargle-y stuff is going to remedy. Seriously, This home remedy crap? Is crap. Stick to the chemicals, baby, because all this mamby pamby have faith and you'll get better crap is not worth being disappointed by. Not to mention you'll get a terrible sugar rush from drinking three gallons of orange juice in one day and scare your mom when she makes a social call to say hello.

And now, I'm going to actually study for this stupid midterm that I have this morning and hopefully be able to function my way through the other stupid midterm that I have tonight. Here's hoping that I'll be done both early enough to get out of the lecture hall and devote the hours following it to sleep, sweet sleep, because last night I was grinding my teeth so badly that I couldn't maintain unconsciousness AND I couldn't breath through my nose. Usually I manage to multitask and breathe while I pulverize my teeth into nothingness, but the sickness is preventing this from happening and nothing pisses me off more than not being able to sleep.




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