Thursday, March 01, 2007


I just wrote a check, went downstairs, and dropped of my very last month's rent and my sixty day's notice with my Super.

Did you know that three years ago when I moved to this city, I didn't even know how to write a check and I had to have my mom stand over my shoulder to write my first rent check? And now I'v successfully done it for three years (Minus that one time my trusty parents had to pay it and yes I remember that I owe you that money I just don't have any to spare right now [And i won't until approximately 2011]).

THREE years?!?

What all has happened in these three years? The crying, the laughing, the morons who run my school! Those non-English speaking bastards who reduced me to hysterics on about thirteen diffferent occasions!

The broken hearts, the drunken sobbing into my pillows, the cat that I got who didn't like me but now does like me, the friendships made, the others lost... Dear God.... The fleeing home, the returning back the sedatives... DO YOU PEOPLE REMEMBER THE SEDATIVES?!?! The mass quantities of alcohol and cigarettes, that one year in the middle where I went without smoking, the dating.... The guy who broke up with me, the one who drove the '91 Camry and said how he was all 'in' to foreign cars? With a '91 Camry? And that other guy, who after we broke up, I wasn't even sure if the whole time we were dating I even knew his real name! Seriously! And the guy wih the no steak that's not on sale rule, and of course Dubai Guy...

And the Berry Queen has had another baby, the Precious Boy has learned how to read and write, my brother became a Daddy, Oddysseus died and Copernicus joined me, I learned that there isn't a professor in the free WORLD who agrees with another professor on how to appropriately cite a paper AND... get this? I actually went on a date with someone who thought it would be appropriate to bring his knitting on a date with him. And no, I will never tire of telling that story. It was the highlight of my university experience.

And I just wrote the check that signifies the end of it all?

I'm not sure if I should bound through the apartment in joy and glee, or if I should cry quietly, looking mournfully over my collection of beer cans, and feel nostalgic over memories made.

I think I'll have a ciggie, pack for my train trip tomorrow, and focus on getting through this semester without failing any courses. (Read: I'm going to actually go and do some school work.)




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