Monday, December 04, 2006

A weekend in pictures....

My weekend started with Sushi and ended with new shoes. I guess it can't really get any better than that, now can it? This is my third attempt at making sushi in my lifetime, and it turns out ok each time. The problem is that I'm not very good at rolling it, and as a result, they look a little bit... decrepid? Either way, they taste yummy.

This is sushi vinegar. Remember how earlier in the weekend I said that Ikea was the devil? Well, I lied because this stuff is the real devil. It smells so horrid that cats the world over can smell it for miles and start howling their howliest howls.

Every time I make this dish, Copernicus goes on top of the cupboards and commences pacing back and forth around my head, howling at the rice vinegar. It smells kind of fish-y, and is very potent, so imagine sticking your head into a plastic bag full of fish guts and vinegar that's been fermenting in the sun for a week or two. That's about what the rice vinegar smells like, only worse.

I went hunting in my room on Saturday, and about an hour and a half after I entered the room, I came out victorious: I found floor. My whole room is now neat and tidy.

Coperni-Kitty was thrilled with my Saturday afternoon conquest, because in the aftermath of the conquest? She was able to find her food dish. Nothing makes a fat, lazy city cat happier than a dish of No Name's finest Finicky Cat Cat Food. It's probably not certified by the catfood certifying food company, but she resigns herself to eat it with the knowledge that I picked it out for the yellow sale tag on it more than for it's nutritional value.

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: SuperNan and SuperDad finally made it to the big city, whereupon they were greeted by their sub-a-licious daughter and forced to take her shopping. It was at this point that they purchased me shoes and lunch! Airwalks! I haven't had a pair of Airwalks since I was thirteen and in a wanna-be skater phase. At any rate, these are incredibly comfy and casual shoes that match my new jogging pants just perfectly. Many thanks, Mom and Dad!!



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