Friday, July 14, 2006

I survived the dentist....


By fleeing the office screaming in hysterics.

Well, not really. I left without getting the hole in my tooth filled though. It turns out that I grind my teeth so consistently that I've chipped a hole into one of my teeth. So, no filling required. I also got fitted for a mouth guard thingy.

Then, the dentist tried to convince me that I do, in fact, have three and possibly four more cavities that need to be filled with an estimated cost of six hundred dollars. At which point I choked on my own spit and thanked him for his time. At his insistence, I listened to the horror of all horrrors that would happen in my mouth if I don't heed his advice.

So, I demanded to see the X-ray of my teeth. He avoided me. So I asked again. And then once more. At which point Dr. Dumbass said "Oh, you want to see the X-ray?" Thanks, there, Tips.

Get this. Now Dr. Dumbass says "Well, you have to use your imagination here." So he showed me the three "problem areas" that looked identical to my other teeth. I guess I was supposed to imagine a six hundred dollar problem? I mean, if there's a hole in my tooth, shouldn't there be a black spot on the X-ray?

Then, he offered me a ten percent discount if I would get my teeth filled. And I would have agreed. Really! However, when I looked at the X-ray, there were no holes there, so what was he planning on filling?

Now, here's the funny thing. You may be thinking "Well, obviously this twit hasn't been trained to read X-rays." You would be correct. However, the last time I was at the dentist (A different dentist) he found three other "problem areas" that would need to be fixed.

It sounds consistent, I'm sure. Three problem areas last time, three problem areas this time. Makes sense?

Nope. Last time the three problem areas were on the top at the back. This time the three problem areas are on the bottom near the front. The other problem areas magically disappeared and then reappeared in a new location two years later?

So Dr. Dumbass can take his six hundred dollars worth of treatment and stuff it.

Right up his dumb ass.



Anonymous Kanobe said...

I agree with your assessment. It seems like many medical professionals just want to make more business. My co-worker's brother took his sick cat to two different vets and they both gave totally different answers as to the problem - one says the cat will be fine, the other that it has to be put down.

Shouldn't there be some sort of association that checks in on these people?

10:04 p.m.  
Blogger NursePam said...

Keep shopping for a good dentist. I had one tell me I needed deep cleaning because I had serious gum disease. I didn't have the cash lying around. 6 months later I went to a dentist recommended by my boss. They told me my gums were in great shape.

Also, previous dentist wanted to file down a front bottom tooth that had a tiny chip. Second dentist plopped in a white filling for $7.00.

Go figure.

10:31 a.m.  

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