Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sorry for all the neglect, Dear Blog....

The days here at the berry farm have been very long, and very arduous. I've been going to bed at night at around nine thirty. After working thirteen + hours per day, I have absolutely no energy left for hooking up to a dialup connection to check emails or blog.

The days have been long but good so far. The rain started on the 27th and has been going steady since then, but we've managed to stay on top of orders and such. I fired three people today and made one of them cry. I feel awful about that, but when you can't tell the difference between a rotten mushenberry and something fit for human consumption, perhaps berry picking isn't the job for you.

I love being in the field all day every day. I let my thoughts wander and just think on everything there is to think on. I've been writing songs and one of them tunred out to be ok.

I've been thinking on my love life as well. (What else does a single girl ponder on while bonding with nature hour after hour?). And I'm happy with me. I like me. I never lie to me, decieve me, have to worry about whether I will call, worry about if I'm acting like a dork, worry about anything that comes with dating someone. I hate dating. I've been afer my mother to arrange me a marriage some day but she seems to be dawdling on that. I'd love to have the stability and general goodness that comes with a long term relationship, without all that nasty "Oh my God, I'm dating an axe murderer" drama that comes with meeting people.

I read an article the other day about ten guys you should date before you settle down. The dumb jock, the cheapy, the way older guy, the sexy European type, the business type with the fake Rolex, the Momma's boy... And so, I decide with great happiness in my heart that I've seen all there is to see and don't need any more of some random loser's crap to make me feel fulfilled. I am a woman of a new era, dammit! I am going to be a berry farmer, with our Lord as my witness! My mom thinks I'm great!

And besides, I have a cat.

In other news, my new guitar is really rocking my socks. I haven't had near enough time to bond with it yet, which I'm sure my dear Roommate will be very upset to find once I come back to the city.

On the topic of being back in the city, I made my course selections for the fall one rainy afternoon this week, and I'm all set up there. Now if I can only work myself into a state that would make me actually want to be in the city, I'd be set.

And on that note, I head off to my warm cozy bed. It was purchased in May of 2006 as opposed to my city bed that was crafter in the spring of 1901, and so the sleep I've been having here at the berry farm has been heavenly.



Anonymous bigman78 said...

Man, what a coincidence. I've been talking to your mom about our arranged marriage. ;)

7:17 a.m.  

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