Thursday, May 11, 2006

You know you're officially in college when....

I got my cat stoned the other day.

It seems that our apartment has an issue with black mold growing in the bathroom. The bathroom is technically an illegal one, without a fan or a window to let the condensation out.

Some of you will probably be thinking: Move! Don't let them make you live like this! To you I say: Have you seen where I last lived? The lack of a single fan in the bathroom is not enough to ruffle my feathers after having lived with brown water; (Remember the day my hair turned orange, and I hadn't dyed it? Right.) having lived with crazy ladies and a landlord who runs the place like some kind of nunnery, with rules about when and where you can shut the doors, who and when you were allowed to have guests, what gender those guests were to be; and of course, my all time favorite: The decree that no one shall open a window without permission. Sorry, but I simply don't have the energy to be up in arms over a little bit of mold.

Azia decided that we should re-grout the bathroom. Now, I don't know how well you know me, but I generally greet home renovation projects with about as much enthusiasm as I greet having my wisdom teeth removed on a discount dentistry budget. And yes, I have had my wisdom teeth removed the discount way and no, it was not fun.

I decided to beat her to the punch, so to speak and decided to buy the perfect bathroom spray product that guarantees to clean, disinfect, sing a song, and cook your steak to perfection every time.

I sprayed it down for the first time and both of us felt a little headachey and woozy, and slightly as though we had downed three beers in quick succession. (Which, perhaps we had... it's hard to remember what happened when in terms of how much beer we consumed our first weekend...) Not to be deterred, we marched onward to Ikea and decided to buy ourselves some lovely curtains.

We came back to our apartment to find that the bathroom was clean, seemingly disinfected and the spray bottle was happily singing the Oscar Meyer Weiner song and frying us some steak in the kitchen. Or, perhaps we were still high from our morning of bathroom cleansing. Regardless, the tiles were gleaming and white, with only a speck here and there of the nasty black mold.

We decided to douse it down again. Only this time, we all but emptied the giant bottle. We decided to open the balcony window because by this point, we were feeling more than light-headed.

I wondered if perhaps it was our imaginations, when Coperni-kitty stumbled into the room, eyes crossed, batting at her nose with her paw.

Nothing says "College Students" like a stoned cat, drug dealers on the street in front of our new home, a case of empties on top of the designated beer fridge, and black mold in the bathroom.

Only, now we don't have black mold in the bathroom, so I guess life is not too bad after all.
In other news, my internet connection in the new place is pretty bad. I'm waiting until my roomie comes back so she can get some internet hooked up. She gets a discount wiht the company she works for, so it's better for her to get the connection than me.

As a result, my blogging is sporatic at best, so try to bear with me! I've tried writing five (5) "So sorry but my connection sucks" posts, and each time, the connection is lost just as I'm about to post. Sigh. It's a hard life.



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