Thursday, December 16, 2010

Because I Haven't Been Able to Post...

I have an awful lot on my mind lately.

Pressing matters, some might call them.

When I have matters that are truly pressing on my mind, I find it hard to post because I don't want to go overboard on the personal info on my blog.

And that's OK.

But then you end up with a bunch of posts in a row about my horse. Because I could always write for hours on end about my horse.

It is now mid-December here in CowTown and the roads are none too pleasant. My drive to work on Tuesday took about two and a half hours, more than double the usual time.

This morning the regular roads had all been cleared but the road I live on was not. And so, this morning I was making my very slow and steady way down the road and something was in front of my car.

And I thought, no, it can't be that.

There simply can't be a Monarch butterfly in front of my car.

It is mid December here in CowTown and the roads are none too pleasant and of all the things in front of my car, a Monarch butterfly can simply not be one of them.

My first inclination was to stop the vehicle and weep.

After Zydeco died, I saw several shooting stars and over the months I have continued to see them. Since winter has reared its ugly head, there has been severe cloud cover and I haven't seen a single shooting star.

I decided this was due to several factors: Perhaps my boy is taking a break from jumping up there in Heaven. Perhaps I haven't been outside at the right times.

Or maybe it is time for me to move the hell on and stop thinking about this damn horse.

And then, today, I saw the butterfly in front of my car.

If I had been on my horse, instead of in my car, there would have been a massive spook and I surely would have ended up head first in the snowbanks of CowTown. Because that is how Zydo felt about Monarchs. He feared them greatly, to say the least. Monarchs created some of the most interesting rides I ever had on that horse. Their presence also created some of the most interesting bruises I have ever had.

After weeks of seeking out shooting stars and seeing nary a one, I saw a Monarch.


I tentatively asked my mother tonight if I could tell her something that makes me sound like a complete and utter psycho. Like, seriously, Mom, if I say this out loud, you're gonna think I'm nuts.

And she, not thinking of Zydo, thought that of course it would be possible for a Monarch to hatch in December, but that it would probably die within the day because of the temperature.

She lost me at the part where she said it was possible for a Monarch to exist in December.

Because I definately saw one this morning.



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