Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's Really on My Mind

So much of myself has been about my horse for the past three years that I don't know what to do with myself now that I don't have a horse.

There, I said it.

For years I tied up my identity into being the single girl with the horse.

Case in point: The description of this blog reads:
A single, twenty-something's journey through life. Here you will read far too much about a beagle named Dixie, a horse named Zydeco, and the ramblings of being the person who owns both. I love TV on DVD, novels that make me laugh, four wheel drive, and my rockin' red guitar

The 'About Me' section of this blog reads:
I'm a twenty five year old university graduate who is shocked and appalled to find herself living in the real world. With her parents. In a bedroom with Clifford the Big Red Dog accents. I am engaged in a love affair with a Chestnut Thoroughbred who takes up far too much of my time and money. It is amazing what a person will do for love. I also am overly invested in my beagle, who sits with me on the couch every time I watch television. I've decided that a Bachelor's degree is not enough for me, and so I'm pursuing the steps to getting a Master's degree. Crazy, but interesting nonetheless.

My facebook 'About Me' section reads:

1) Redneck
2) Brunette
3) Addicted to XL half decalf three milk three sweetener from Tim Horton's
4) Closet Smoker
5) Doesn't do high heels (unless those heels are on cowboy boots)
5) In love with plaid jackets
6) Posts way too many pictures of a horse named Zydeco on Facebook
7) Thinking about getting a Master's --> a lot
8) Hates the cold
9) Can't function without a full calendar
10) Generally in over my head

Do I take him off my bio sections? I mean, I no longer own him, so I suppose I have to take him off.

It's just that I really don't want to.



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hey. i just stumbled upon your blog and it was nice really going through it. thought i'll mention it. and say 'hi' to Dixie and Zydeco. :D

3:31 p.m.  
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