Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good-Bye, Stupid Car....

Eleven months ago, I wrote off my Jeep.

Then, I cried.

For days.

Weeks, even!

Four weeks after the accident, I bought a Saturn Vue. I had good reason for this: My anxiety around driving after my accident was out of control, and when I drove a Saturn Vue afterwards, I felt very safe. It handles great in the snow, I love the manual transmission, it doesn't spin and roll around, and I don't have massive panic attacks while driving it.

Seven days after I bought my Saturn Vue, it had to go back to the shop to have all of its bearings replaced.

And thus began a cycle of idiocy that I can't begin to understand. I have replaced door locks and sway bars, more bearings and more door locks, transmission clips and tires. That car has shaken its way to and from work, refused to drive at faster than eighty kilometres an hour, and occasionally refused to function in first or second gear. If it gets very cold, I'm stuck taking off from third every time because the transmission just won't go into first or second.

What a damn good thing that I'm so good with a clutch.

Today I attempted to go to work and my car was having none of that. It hemmed and hawwed over getting out of the driveway and once I made it to the highway, I was running in lower RPMs in second gear than I was in fifth.

I thought to myself, do I want to risk driving this junk bucket all the way to the city?

Cursing, swearing, crying, and in second gear, I pulled a U-turn and headed back home.

I stood in the hallway weeping over my car. I am so sick of this: I am so sick of not knowing if I will make it from A to B, if I will be able to shift gears on my way there, or if I will be able to make a return trip. My car is in the shop at least once a month and now that I have a regular day job, I can't just call and be an hour late while I arrange for my mother to drive me to work.

And about that. About asking one's mother to drive one to work.

I'm twenty six years old. Should my mother really still be driving me to work? Really?

I'm new car shopping tomorrow and I hope to be back in a Chevrolet by the time the week is out.



Anonymous Jummy said...

How did it go? Are you riding a sexy new vehicle?

2:43 p.m.  

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