Sunday, October 03, 2010

Just Another Sunday Night...

I went to Quebec tonight for my seasonal beer run with my dear neighbor friend. He has known me my whole life and often tells me the story of visiting me in the hospital when I was born.

My dear friend has had the opportunity to work at one of the more known stables in my region and, as a result, knows all of the girls in the area who ride. He told me tonight that he doesn't know if I have the drive to ride competitively or not.

Ouch, but at the same time, honest. I'm kind of lazy and if you know me, that's not an understatement. We had our weekly small, resonsible fire, a few of our Quebec beers, and I made my way back home.

My mother and I watched Heartland together and I must say that if you are a horse person, this show is a riot. I love Canadian television and I love Heartland.

The show is about a girl named Amy who is a bit of a horse whisperer. I do love a good horsewhisperer, I must say.

And in the show, she nuzzled up to a horse she was working with and I thought about Zydo and how much I miss his nose.

I miss his face. I miss his nose. I miss kissing his face late at night. I miss squishing his nose in my hand and I miss him licking my hand once he has eaten all of his carrots. He would lick my hand for hours after I fed him a treat, hoping that another one would appear. I miss that look on his face when I would drag the hose in front of his stall. He would be all like, "Oh my goodness, there is something slithering there, clearly it is going to kill me!". And then he would calm down and I could sit with him while he would drink his water.

And I am so lucky at this point in my life to have Sargeant. I see him three or four days a week and he lets me kiss his nose and he lets me pet him and fuss over him.

But he is not Zydo and he does not do the things that Zydo did and I miss it.

I am trying not to dwell and I am trying not to be sad because everything that happened had to happen.

But sometimes I just miss my boy.



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