Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ooops, I Forgot To Tell You

So, I've always wanted to get a tattoo. I've never really known of what, and I've thrown around ideas in my mind since I was about sixteen.

Originally, I was going to get something horse-related but that flew out the window when all my ideas were ridiculed by the entire world.

For a while I wanted to get a Danish flag and then I was thinking of a Danish flag and a Canadian flag crossed over each other. But then my brother came home from Afghanistan WITH MY TATTOO. I'm not making this up, I had someone design the tattoo online and everything. I had never mentioned it to anyone IN CASE SOMEONE STOLE MY IDEA, and then he went all telepathic on me and got my tattoo.

Brothers. Hrmph.

Then I met Zydeco and again I was back on the idea of getting something horse-related. One day my tattoo came to me when I tossed Zydeco's bridle on the table after a ride. The bit (This is the part of his headgear he wears while riding that goes in his mouth, for those of you not in the know) landed on the table in a perfect Z shape.

And you know, I kinda wanted to get a tattoo for Zydeco, seeing as how he was my one true love and all, but I didn't want to go so far as to have a specific horse on me forever.

I figured this was a perfect compromise.

The guy who did my tattoo was a little baffled and it took him almost an hour to create the vision in my mind, with the assistance of some pictures from Google. Praise Google.

And then I laid down on the table and he started stabbing me violently with that ridiculous machine they use and I wanted to tell him to stop. Nope, thanks, I don't need any ink on me, my dignity and I will be out smoking on the sidewalk and I will be without a tattoo.

Then I looked down and realized there was a black circle on me that would forever remain a black circle. I could tell him to stop and then would spend the rest of my life with a black circle on me.

I did what any dignified soul would do and I screeched my way through the rest of the tattoo. I went outside afterwards and had a full-on panic attack, complete with dizziness, nausea, world spinning and inability to breathe for about ten minutes.

And then I called my mom and was all like, Mom! I got a tattoo!

She had some feelings regarding the tattoo that she shared with me, and now the left side of my hip looks like this:

And all was right with the world.



Anonymous Karen (LadyDiscordia from NOTI) said...

Hey, I love that! Very, very cool! But now I'm really curious about the tattoo your brother stole. I was hoping you'd have a picture, or at least TELL what it looks like, but I guess I'll just have to keep wondering. :D

11:21 a.m.  

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