Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, Vacation-y Goodness...

I just returned from a week away with some family members, visiting the SuperBabies and generally having a good time. Not as good of a time as our neighbors at the condo had, though, because they are the ones who left a pile of vomit on our stairs one night. I almost slipped in it the following morning and felt like leaving a strongly worded letter on their doorstep, but decided against it.

The week flew by in a haze of cigarette smoke, empty beer bottles, and heat so thick you could have sailed a ship three feet off the floor of our building. No joke, it was so hot in our room that it was STEAMY, and the windows were frozen shut. I'm typically the coldest person in the free world, and at one point I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn't brought shorts while sweat soaked my entire body. (Ok, so I didn't bring shorts. I was vacationing in ONTARIO in JANUARY. Call me crazy, but before I left, I didn't really think that tropical weather attire would be necessary.)

I also managed to do something that I don't typically do: I immersed my body in a pool of water. I hate swimming and being in water in general, but this week my twin niece and nephew were there and I just couldn't pass up splashing around the pool with them. So twice I overcame my distaste of being wet and cold and actually went swimming. Well, I went doggy-paddling, which is sort of the same thing.

Overall I have to say that I feel like a new person, having been away from work for seven straight days for the first time in two years. I took a week off last June, but that was to work at The Berry Farm, so even those vacation days weren't very vacation-y. (Unless you count sixteen hour days supervising snotty twelve year olds picking fruit as a vacation. Personally, I don't think that counts.)

And now here I am, back to the grind and getting ready to face the workforce once more. Sigh.

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