Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Winter Blahs and Riding Hurrahs...

I hate winter.

I detest the short days, the blowing snow, the infinite coldness, the dark, and the despicable driving conditions.


Here we are in February. I've noticed that last week or so that the sun has a newer, different quality to it. It has joined us for longer periods of time each day, and it just feels... Good. I feel alive.

And part of being alive, when you're me, is to ride.

I have an entire collection of winter riding gear, from head to toe. I've purchased a new coat this year that was designed specifically for winter riding. It is super light, fitted at the waist, has a tonne of shoulder and arm room, and a bum flap! So you don't pull on your shoulders sitting on your coat! It outdoes the plaid jackets I was riding in last year by leaps and bounds. AND it is waterproof and windproof.

Zydeco has had two months off, which I firmly believe he deserved more than any horse in the world. He worked hard last summer, harder than he's likely worked in a few years. He went down in girth sizes, he muscled up like a body builder, he had the best condition I've seen on a horse in some time. He almost lost his leg at one point, and recovered swiftly enough to show off for a fourth level dressage rider and take me to my first ever dressage test. And, Hell, let's not forget the FIRST and SECOND place ribbons he allowed me to bring home.

The boy deserved a break.

And despite his two month break, he still remembered the fine art of maintaining my weight on his back while keeping his nose DOWN! What a guy!

I only rode for a short period today, because I didn't want to kill him on his first day out. He stood like an angel while I got on, took off at a fast paced walk for about twenty seconds, and then said: "Yes? What is it you would like me to do for you today?" He's like a high class maitre'd some days.

And damn, do I love him for it.

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Anonymous Jummy said...

Looking good, Amanda, looking GOOD.

Zydo rocks and I'm glad you were able to get out on him. I too have been noticing the sun has been spending more time with us lately and I am so grateful for that. It helps ease the dreariness of this season.

3:22 p.m.  

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