Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Last Day...

Friday marks my last day at my work placement for college, which means that five years later, I am officially done school. I now have a Bsc. Soc.; CYW behind my name. That's right. I am the proud owner of NINE LETTERS behind my name.

I don't necessarily feel like a better person because of it, but hey! I should be qualified to work at all kinds of nifty places after this.

I also have a Friday evening and a WHOLE Saturday off consecutively. I plan on shopping with SuperNan, gardening, and fixing up some things around The Ranch in celebration. Like some of the Manitoba Maples that have collapsed over the years. Only really, they haven't collapsed, they've been mercilessly struck down by my father, who has a problem with Manitoba Maples. Those damn trees are the bain of my existence, only because he has such a hatred for them seated in his soul.

I would love nothing more than to ride my horse all weekend, but the weather here in Canada hasn't been entirely cooperative. In fact, after this winter (In which we had approximately eight hundred and sixty seven feet of snow fall) the spring has not been forgiving at all. It has rained and been cold, and in turn I have been miserable.

The mud is up to Zydo's ankles in the ring, not at all suitable for riding at a pace faster than turtle. (That's the slow gear on tractors, for those of you who don't know. Turtle gear and rabbit gear. And I really, really want to ride in rabbit gear. Sigh.)

I'm doing my best not to let the weather get me down, because the weather is one of those many, many things that I can not control.

But if I COULD control the weather? I would totally make it rain for one day each week, and be sunny and hot the rest of the days, and it would never, ever rain when I was feeling cold and grumpy.

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Anonymous Jummy said...

Congratulations on the completion of college, Amanda! I give you permission to have a cold beer for me in celebration (because God knows I won't!).

I wish you were in charge of the weather...I heard it's supposed to get crazy humid this weekend which doesn't help at all. Our weather is icky.

1:41 a.m.  

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