Sunday, June 01, 2008

Five more days....

I currently have five more days of doing my work placement for college AND working at the group home. Then I'm going to be working AT ONE PLACE, and one place only.

I have three weeks until I go to Berry Season, and I'm already feeling a little mopey that I can't do the whole thing. I love Berry Season. I get to hang out with the Berry Babies, play my guitar with the Berry Queen and SuperNan, drink beer at the end of the day, and occasionally break out in hives after being yelled at by crazed fruit buyers.

Joomy mentioned something to me the other day that has my mind whirling.

You see, she recently ran a race (THE WHOLE FREAKIN THING) to raise money for a cure for Diabetes. Diabetes is Joomy's pet cause because her family has been affected by it.

Well, she mentioned to me that she is considering running a race for Breast Cancer as well. And, seeing as I have been directly affected by breast cancer, I'm thinking of joining her.

I admit, I have ulterior motives. For example, I could use to do some running to work off those excess beer pounds. If I worked a little harder on my physique, my riding would improve. I'd like to be a little more fit and shapely for the summer, and of course, being fit and healthy improves one's life span. (Of course, so would eating a vegetable now and then and not smoking, but really, who's paying attention to these things....)

I'm also thinking of actually being able to SEE Joomy in person. Words can not describe how much I absolutely love her, her sense of humor and her insights into my life and her never ending supportiveness. If we were training together, perhaps we could meet to jog every other week. Running AND companionship! What could be better?

At any rate, I can't commit completely right now, because I don't know what my work schedule will bring, or if I even have the energy to get off my butt or if I'll be free the weekend of the race or if or if or if....

But, the thought of doing something like this is definately on my mind.

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Anonymous Jummy said...

Lest your readers get the wrong idea, I ran some but also walked most of it. I didn't run the whole thing, no siree!

Dear Amanda! It would be lovely to see you again...have I seen you this year? I don't think so! I know your schedule is pretty frightening but we could always train separately and meet up on race day!

I was telling my sister that I might do this race and she reminded me that we might not even be here for it (we're possibly traveling around then) but I think the training will still be worthwhile from a "drop poundage" point of view. I'll email you a 10 week running program I came across online...maybe SuperNan will join you...even going for walks is good.

Thanks for all the flattery...only the link to my blog convinced me you were talking about me!

1:14 a.m.  

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