Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh, the weekend....

I got to spend the weekend reminiscing with a friend from public school, a friend who managed to get herself married, and now she has this husband hanging around all the time, but he's ok: He's one of the ones who has a job and a GMC pickup and everything. Together with the husband, she bought herself a farm and on the farm she is housing all kinds of neat stuff like cows, chickens, and a bull that is twice, or maybe even three or four times, the size of one of those ridiculous SmartCars. (That's why we buy big vehicles that aren't environmentally friendly out in the country: Crack the hood of your Mazda Protege over the rump of one steer and you'll be a Silverado fan for life.)

The barn is glorious, oh so very glorious, and every time I was in it I wanted to burst into tears and wrap my arms around the neck of every creature within it. Unfortunately, the creatures within it were not as interested in me and I had to settle for photographing everything within distance of my camera's 16x optical zoom.

She also just received a shipment of day old chicks from the feed store (Because out here in the country the names of stores are rather misleading. The gas bar nearest us sells liquor and subs, and the feed store also sells baby chickens. I think it makes perfect sense but the city folk find it a little confusing.) As I was photographing the chicks, three suburban pre-teens were eyeing me warily and asking if this was like, my first time on a farm or something. I grinned and squealed "Oh, Y'all don't even KNOW! And Y'all, Ah just lu-uv y'alls bayby chickens! Can Ah take some home with me?" And after I did that, they stopped bugging me and my friend just had to snort and roll her eyes because what on Earth is hotter than a farmer snorting and rolling her eyes?

I forget what this cow's name is, and I'm sure its a very creative name, like the Spanish word for steak or something. I'm sure he will make a very good steak too, one that is juicy and succulent because they feed their cows apples in their spare time. APPLES. I've never heard of feeding cows apples but it is supposed to make them nicer and the next time I get cows? I'm so totally feeding them apples because there is nothing worse than ill-tempered bovines.

My weekend started out with a trip to see Big Brother and Family, during which time she received another lesson in Why One Should Avoid Auntie Like The Plague: The Flash of that Damn Camera. Since getting my camera I have been a little obsessive about taking pictures but I have to say that Hey! It's digital! I don't have to print any that I don't like and so why not take thirty seven of her doing the same thing because eventually I might just get that perfect angle and become a world-renouned photographer using Shit Luck as my merit.

A good weekend in all.

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Blogger David said...

The Feed store is a perfectly good name for a place to buy chickens. Where else would you get them, the Co-op?

3:48 a.m.  

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