Monday, May 07, 2007

Welcome Home....

These last weeks I have felt absolutely fantastic. I feel really good both physically and mentally. My last two weeks spent in the Big City were weeks during which I was thoroughly intoxicated. I had to clean my room in the city before I left and while cleaning, I happened across a number of bottles which leads me to believe that I should apply for a liver transplant NOW because Lord knows my body can't keep up with me at this rate:

I'm home now, and I've been biking with SuperNan daily in an attempt to give us something to do while we wait for her radiation treatments to begin. We have fun at The Ranch and all, but I have to say that two grown women staring at each other from the start of the day to the finish requires a certain amount of structured activity -- even though we both consider smoking and consuming fattening beverages to be incredibly structured.

I've been out of doors each and every day since being home, doing some sort of physical activity. Already, I feel better about myself: My skin is clearer, and my face has more color. I've switched from beer and Coke to Diet Coke. I've been running beside the Precious Boy as he masters the art of bike-riding, walking about the country side, playing guitar on the front porch. Vitamin D certainly does wonder for the body and soul.

The most wonderful thing about being unemployed and at home is the naps. I take a nap almost every day out of sheer exhaustion. I'm not sure if this is my body's desperate attempt at catching up on the sleep I lost in my last month in the city: Mal and I frequently stayed up all night long, not bothering to sleep at all, and many times I didn't go to bed for fear of missing out on something really good. At any rate, I've been napping daily and today I decided to take a late afternoon nap on the couch. When I woke up, I had approximately a hundred and seventy five pounds of dog, boy, and spiderman on me. I have to say that this photograph is the reason I am so perpetually happy at this time: Nothing quite beats the feeling of awakening to see that you are surrounded by warm, furry, adorable love.

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