Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Country living Rocks & why you should avoid urban living like the plague...

5) If you live in an urban center, you can't pee in your back yard.

4) If you live in the middle of a serene two hundred acres, you never have to hear the neighbor's children crying at two a.m.

3) I'll never again have to smell cooking bacon on a hangover morning unless I want to smell cooking bacon on a hangover morning.

2) I can sit on my front porch playing guitar naked with Mickey Mouse ears on my head and Ducky Boots on my feet and no one will ever know it but me.

And of course, the number on reason living in the country rocks my socks:

1) I won't get evicted for putting all my ex-boyfriend's belongings in a steel bin and burning them on the front lawn.

Problogger is doing a group writing exercise this week, one that has to do with lists! And if there is anything an OCD girl likes in this world, it is lists. I've been perusing some of the other lists that are out there in this challenge, and I've found some incredibly fascinating lists.

I could really relate to the one on why some people's beer bellies will never be gone.

The one on what college grads should really know kind of gave me a little bit of anxiety, because it seems that, according to this list, I will never be all that a grad should be. Oddly, I'm ok with that.

Beating blogger's block is always something I should read up on, because, despite the way things may seem around here? I frequently am at a loss for words.

My ultimate favorite, I think, has to be the one on why people should avoid marriage. Because it's true! From what I've heard, when you get married you really do end up with someone who critiques your pasta-cooking techniqe rather than just shutting up and eating it. Amazing!

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Blogger kerri said...

I loved your list!!! Though, I do believe that some of my urban neighbors HAVE peed in their backyards. No proof, mind you. ;) Thanks for the link. :D Oh, and btw, all the good marriage stuff outweighs all the frustrations, for me, anyway.

3:08 p.m.  
Anonymous Ah Pek said...

Hei, Thanks for the mention!! If I get the chance, I will buy you a beer!

9:51 p.m.  
Anonymous Harry L said...

I know many guys but not too many gals that prefer to pee outdoors. Nice list!

9:29 p.m.  

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