Friday, June 16, 2006

Another day, another dollar....

So here I sit, in the berry cave, late at night. SuperNan and Berry Queen have gone to bed for the night, leaving me alone with my blog.

Words can not express my gratitude to my dearest Berry Queen for giving me this opportunity once more to be here with her family, working hand in hand with her and my mom, for another year.

I've been working the berry cart out on the highway for the last two days, rather than managing fields. It's been nice. I love doing these alone-type jobs. I love just being me, with customers hither and yon, alone with my thoughts and a good book.

I'm considering this berry season to be my Apprenticeship season. I'm paying close attention to everything management wise. I can't wait to start my own farm. It's something that needs to happen, come Hell or High Water. This is what I need to be doing with my life.

It's a shame, though, that it has taken me all these years of failures at different tasks, years of college and university (that will all go to waste now, LOL) to figure out where I need to be.

I think I'm probably one of the luckiest people going right now. I mean, sure, I'm up to my eyeballs in debt because of this whole "Chasing my dreams in the big city" thing. I can't afford to drive the car that I own, or buy myself the guitar I want. I need a dentist and it's come down to making a decision between one necessary treatment or another.

At the same time, I'm twenty-one years old (Twenty two on the Twenty first! Yahoo!) and I've already learned that the most important thing in my life is to lay my little head down on my pillow at night and count the blessings that are my family and friends. The most important thing is being able to come in after a long day's work, sunburned and bug-eaten, feet blistered and hair akimbo, to chat with the people I love. Hearing Berry Queen's Berry Babies tell me about their days, getting hugs and blown kisses from the youngest, and joking around about my day with the oldest.

I'll probably never make a million dollars in this lifetime. I've accepted that I will probably live a life of semi-poverty forever, thanks to my cumbersome student loans and the lack of job opportunities out there for someone with my qualifications. I plan on making my way through my debts with the help of my parents and factory work. Someday, when the debts are paid down, and the Little Chevy is on the road again, and I've bought myself a protective retainer for my teeth grinding problem and when I have that massive cavity filled, when I run my own farm and I'm living happily on or near by the ranch....

I will be complete.

I can't wait.



Blogger Siuan said...

That is beautiful debt or no debt! It must be nice to know what you want to do with your life.

6:12 p.m.  
Anonymous Jummy said...

I echo siuan!

I am wishing you all the best! And nothing but.

2:28 p.m.  

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