Friday, June 13, 2008

The Love Affair Continues ...

I have a lesson tomorrow on the Chestnut Trakheiner named Stetson who I've not yet told Zydo about.

The weather man is calling for rain tomorrow (Does that really shock you? The year that I want to ride, all day and every day, it rains EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. That the universe would do this to ME, of all people... is anyone surprised? Really?) and my coach has said that I will ride rain or shine.


I'm not sure what all I've told you about Zydo's quirks or not (And I'm sure that I have written out every single quirk I've noticed in him in the three hundred and sixty eight days that I've owned him) but one of his quirks is that he does not like to be ridden in inclement weather. He takes special offence at wind getting in his ears and ruffling his locks of rusty colored mane. And its not like I don't understand, its not like I don't empathize right there with him because, hot damn, do I ever hate it when the wind comes up and my hair gets all tangly and unmanageable.

But the last time I rode Zydo in the wind and driving down rain terrified me to the point that I now hesitate if there is a single cloud in the sky.

The fact is that I feel so terribly awful for not having ridden my horse in the last weeks that I want to tear out my hair. (Or break out in hives, which I did this morning. Hurray for hives! And benadryl cream!) Sadly, the weather has not been conducive to my riding, regardless of my fears of riding IN the rain, I can't really ride AFTER it has rained, either.

And so, I justify my love affair with the Chestnut Trakheiner named Stetson because he lives in the glorious land of sand rings and excellent footing.

I'm just a little bit concerned that the first time a raindrop lands on Stetson's butt, I might be pitched into Never Never land.


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