Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You know that times are changing...

In order to save some funds recently, I've been making little cutbacks in my life. The first of those cutbacks is to alter my cellular plan, or really, my parents' cellular plan, since we have the family plan. First things to go are Call Display and free calling after six o'clock.

The calling after six o'clock is not that big of a deal, now that I have access to a land line telephone. They are free ALL the time, which is ever so handy. Its been about three years since I've talked to someone at ten a.m., and let me tell you, it is so FREEING. I'm not habitually checking the clock to see how many minutes I've eaten up, nor am I concerned that my mother will get a phone bill for an outrageous amount of mintes, that will cause her to cause my demise.

My display name online tonight was a clear portrayal of my feelings on the topic, and the following conversation with Mal ensued:

Mal says: what's up?
Amanda: Not too much. Just chillin
Amanda: You?
Mal says: meh, just watched 4 brothers. why are you sad, sad, sad...?
Amanda: Because the call display is now off my phone. And when someone calls me I don't know who it is.
Mal says: your cellie?
Amanda: Cellie.
Amanda: Saving money and all.
Amanda: Sigh.
Mal says: how are you going to call people back?
Amanda: I have no idea
Amanda: I don't know what to do
Amanda: What if I miss a call? I'll never know who it was.
Mal says: man you got to attach that thing to your hip. i may call you
Amanda: When?
Mal says: randomly
Mal says: and you'll never know!
Mal says: i dont know
Mal says: it'll be random
Mal says: lol
Amanda: I KNOW! The randomness is killing me!
Mal says: haha
Mal says: so whatcha gunn do?
Amanda: I don't know. Get a job and buy it back, maybe?
Amanda: But Gah, being employed. That makes you have to get out of bed so damn often
Mal says: hm... forward thinking. i know! and you have to then clean yourself.
Amanda: Dammit. You know I hate cleansing myself.
Amanda: You SAW the pic on my blog. Sheesh.

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Anonymous Mal said...

Amanda, that was a great conversation. Oh to read it again... makes me chuckle. ttys

8:59 p.m.  

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